Mounted CP Stent™ - Cardiological Stent

The Mounted Bare and Mounted Covered CP Stent™ consists of a bare/covered CP Stent® premounted on a BIB® Catheter. This system allows the physician the flexibility of using the pre-mounted complete system and will save the time required to mount the stent on the catheter.


High quality  The CP Stent® is made of a 0.013‘‘ thick Platinum/Iridium wire mesh arranged in a zig-zag pattern. Every point of intersection is laser welded and brazed with 24K Gold.

High expansion range  It has an expansion range of  12 – 24 mm for the 8zig and  26 – 30 mm for the 10zig.

Bare & Covered  The CP Stent® is available in a bare version or covered with an expandable sheath of ePTFE.

Adjustable fit  Thanks to its considerable capacity for expansion, the stent just needs to be redilated to accommodate the child’s natural growth. Therefore no extra stent needs to be implanted.

Premounting  Saves time and reduces risk of dislodgement.

Tech. Data

  • Wire: 0.013'' Platinium/Iridium
  • Connection/Welding: 24K Gold
  • Stent length (mm): 8zig: 16 - 60 | 10zig: 39 - 60


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Ordering Information

Mounted CP Stent™ - Cardiological Stent
REFVersionPlatinum wireStent lengthVPE
CMCP0018zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0048zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0078zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0088zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0098zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0118zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0148zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0158zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0188zig0.013"39 mm1
CMCP0198zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0208zig0.013"39 mm1
CMCP0218zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0238zig0.013"45 mm1
CMCP0248zig0.013"45 mm1
CMCP0258zig0.013"45 mm1
CMCP0268zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0278zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0288zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0308zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0318zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0328zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0338zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0348zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0378zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP0388zig0.013"22 mm1
CMCP05010zig0.013"60 mm1
CMCP05610zig0.013"60 mm1
CMCP05810zig0.013"60 mm1
MCP0018zig0.013"22 mm1
MCP0048zig0.013"22 mm1
MCP0138zig0.013"34 mm1
MCP0208zig0.013"39 mm1
MCP0268zig0.013"45 mm1