NuDEL™ - Cardiovascular Stent

The NuDEL™ is an all-in-one stent delivery system which is designed for the efficient and effective treatment of coarctation of the Aorta. It includes the proven technologies of the the Covered CP Stent™, mounted on a Balloon-In-Balloon catheter  (BIB®), which is then covered by a sheath.

Pre-loaded system saves time and allows for quick actions in emergency situations. CP Stent™, balloon, sheath: all-in-one system. CP Stent™ with correct corresponding balloon and sheath – ready to use.


All-In-One Aortic Stent System  No additional sheath or balloon needed. Pre-mounted stent and pre-loaded system saves time. Reduces risk of stent dislodgement.

Covered Mounted CP Stent  Stent can be re-dilatated to accommodate patient’s growth. Pre-mounted on a BIB® Catheter. The NuDEL™ System employs both a compact delivery method and the “zig” pattern stent design.

Balloon-In-Balloon designed catheter (BIB®)  Controlled, two-staged expansion of the Covered CP Stent™. Reduced risk of asymmetric stent opening. Proven technologies of the NuMED BIB balloon catheter and the Covered CP Stent™.


  • Our triaxial Balloon-In-Balloon designed catheter. Allows for controlled expansion of the Covered CP Stent™ by utilizing an incremental expansion of the stent. The inner balloon is ½ of the diameter of the outer balloon and 1 cm shorter. Each balloon inflates to a non-compliant diameter and length at the recommended pressure. The balloon size varies by a maximum of ±10% at its rated burst pressure (RBP). Catheters are 100 cm in length and utilize a 0.035” guidewire.
  • Covered Mounted CP Stent™. Covered CP Stent™ pre-mounted on a BIB® Catheter. Pre-mounted stent on balloon catheter eliminates assembly time requirements and minimises risks of complications in preperation. Bare CP Stent™ framework covered with an expandable sleeve of ePTFE.
  • Soft, atraumatic, tapered tip
  • Sheath included with system


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Ordering Information

NuDEL™ - Cardiovascular Stent
REFBalloon diameterBalloon lengthIntroducer sizeStent lengthVPE
DEL00112 mm2.5 cm12 F1.6 cm1
DEL00214 mm2.5 cm12 F1.6 cm1
DEL00316 mm2.5 cm12 F1.6 cm1
DEL00412 mm2.5 cm12 F2.2 cm1
DEL00514 mm2.5 cm12 F2.2 cm1
DEL00616 mm2.5 cm12 F2.2 cm1
DEL00718 mm2.5 cm14 F2.2 cm1
DEL00814 mm3.0 cm12 F2.8 cm1
DEL00916 mm3.0 cm12 F2.8 cm1
DEL01018 mm3.0 cm14 F2.8 cm1
DEL01120 mm3.0 cm14 F2.8 cm1
DEL01214 mm3.5 cm12 F3.4 cm1
DEL01316 mm3.5 cm12 F3.4 cm1
DEL01418 mm3.5 cm14 F3.4 cm1
DEL01520 mm3.5 cm14 F3.4 cm1
DEL01622 mm3.5 cm14 F3.4 cm1
DEL01714 mm4.0 cm12 F3.9 cm1
DEL01816 mm4.0 cm12 F3.9 cm1
DEL01918 mm4.0 cm14 F3.9 cm1
DEL02020 mm4.0 cm14 F3.9 cm1
DEL02122 mm4.0 cm14 F3.9 cm1
DEL02224 mm4.0 cm14 F3.9 cm1
DEL02314 mm5.0 cm12 F4.5 cm1
DEL02416 mm5.0 cm12 F4.5 cm1
DEL02518 mm5.0 cm14 F4.5 cm1
DEL02620 mm5.0 cm14 F4.5 cm1
DEL02722 mm5.0 cm14 F4.5 cm1
DEL02824 mm5.0 cm14 F4.5 cm1