Coated Round Shaft Phaco Scalpel

The new Coated Round Shaft Phaco Scalpel features a unique shape and coated surface for ultimate sharpness and strong tip.


  • The highly consistent edge is produced by high precision grinding technology in addition to electrical and chemical treatment.
  • From 1.4 mm the width of the bevel ensures a micro sharper edge, therefore significantly reducing cutting resistance.
  • A coated rounded cross-section blade also decreases insertion resistance.
  • Following heat treatment, the stainless steel is extremely durable.
  • Standardized production techniques for consistent incision size and minimized risk of tissue damage whilst making the incision.


  • Combination of ultra – precision sharpening technology
  • Coated Rounded cross-section decreases insertion resistance value
  • Unprecedented stable sharpness
  • Heat treated and coated stainless steal for ultimate durability and strong tip

Tech. Data

  • Blade angle: 45°
  • Bevel-up
  • Blade width: 1.4 mm - 3.2 mm
  • Version: Sterile, with plastic or aluminium handle
  • Also available as safety scalpel


The blades for MICRO FEATHER® ophthalmic micro scalpels are made from high-quality stainless steel using ultra-precise grinding technology. The optimised grinding technology together with the carefully selected material produces blades with consistent, ultra-sharp cutting edges. The standardised production process ensures a consistent incision size throughout, thus minimising the risk of tissue injury during incision. This makes FEATHER® ophthalmic micro scalpels ideal precision instruments with increased safety for both users and patients. In order to meet the requirements of as many ophthalmic surgeons as possible, MICRO FEATHER® micro scalpels are available with both plastic and aluminium handles. Both scalpel types are gamma-sterilised and ready for use immediately after opening the package.

In order to avoid differences in cutting quality, both types of scalpel use the same range of blades.

The aluminium handles are colour-coded to make it easier to identify the type of blade and the blade angle. 

The handle is designed with optimum weight and shape in mind to ensure a safe grip of the instrument.

The scalpel comes in a heat-resistant plastic box. After proper cleaning, the aluminium micro scalpel can be placed in this plastic box for resterilisation in the autoclave and then be reused. Scalpels with plastic handles are single-use only.


FEATHER® Safety Razor Co. Ltd.

3-70, Ohyodo-Minami 3-Chome Kita-Ku

Osaka 531-0075, Japan

Ordering Information

Coated Round Shaft Phaco Scalpel
REFHandleBlade widthTypeVPE
200212275Plastic2.75 mmP-06275 BUC5
200212614Plastic1.4 mmP-0614 BUC5
200212616Plastic1.6 mmP-0616 BUC5
200212618Plastic1.8 mmP-0618 BUC5
200212620Plastic2.0 mmP-0620 BUC5
200212622Plastic2.2 mmP-0622 BUC5
200212624Plastic2.4 mmP-0624 BUC5
200212761Plastic3.0 mmP-0630 BUC5
200212763Plastic3.2 mmP-0632 BUC5
200212768Plastic2.8 mmP-0628 BUC5
200312275Aluminium2.75 mm06275 BUC5
200312614Aluminium1.4 mm0614 BUC5
200312616Aluminium1.6 mm0616 BUC5
200312618Aluminium1.8 mm0618 BUC5
200312620Aluminium2.0 mm0620 BUC5
200312622Aluminium2.2 mm0622 BUC5
200312624Aluminium2.4 mm0624 BUC5
200312761Aluminium3.0 mm0630 BUC5
200312763Aluminium3.2 mm0632 BUC5
200312768Aluminium2.8 mm0628 BUC5
200812275Safeshield™2.75 mmPSS-06275 BUC5
200812614Safeshield™1.4 mmPSS-0614 BUC5
200812616Safeshield™1.6 mmPSS-0616 BUC5
200812618Safeshield™1.8 mmPSS-0618 BUC5
200812622Safeshield™2.2 mmPSS-0622 BUC5
200812624Safeshield™2.4 mmPSS-0624 BUC5
200812761Safeshield™3.0 mmPSS-0630 BUC5
200812763Safeshield™3.2 mmPSS-0632 BUC5
200812768Safeshield™2.8 mmPSS-0628 BUC5