Scalpel Baldes Fig. 350, 370, 390, 390c, 391

The instrument system of micro surgical blades and handles from FEATHER®has been developed specifically for periodontal and regenerative surgery. 

FEATHER® Scalpel Blades Fig. 370, 390, 390c are specifically suitable for surgical applications in dental surgery.


Precise Cutting and Performance  The stainless steel blades offer outstanding sharpness and superb durability due to double-honing precision grinding.

Particularly Compatible  The blades are suitable for all standard surgical handles (Size 3 & 7) as well as with the FEATHER® Titan Roundshaft Handle.

User friendly  The blades are suitable for applications under the microscope and are ready for use immediately after removal from the sterile packaging.

Scalpel Blades Fig. 370  Safe application for horizontal enlargement incisions of flaps. Suitable for incisions in regenerative surgery.

Scalpel Blades Fig. 390  Perfectly suitable for creating flaps to prepare operational recession covers thanks to the ideal micro blade shape and the minimized blade thickness. The unique and thin micro blade shape allows precise sulcus incision on the gingiva in the anterior teeth.

Scalpel Blades Fig. 390c  Perfectly suitable for incisions of interdental papillae in the molar area thanks to the thin blade tip and angled blade shape. Ideally suitable for sulcus incisions in the posterior tooth area as the angled blade allows easier handling.



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Scalpel Baldes Fig. 350, 370, 390, 390c, 391