The Endo-Drain is a fluted silicone drain for gravity application or for usage with low-vacuum-suction systems.


Excellent placement  The pre-attached needle, made from high-quality stainless steel always provides a perfectly sharp needle for optimal placement.

Easy removal  The design of the drainage channels makes the removal of the drain easy because of the low incidence of tissue growth.

Kink resistant  The structure of the drainage material ensures a high level of kink resistance.

Easy inspection  The transparent connection tube allows an easy visual inspection of the tube.

Including J-Connector  The accompanying J-Connector allows a connection to a reservoir with internal spring.


  • Fully radiopaque
  • Double packed, sterile
  • Latex-free
  • Drainage can be shortened

Accessory separate available: Biliary Drainage Bag Volume: 1,500 ml (REF 24017)

Tech. Data

  • Drain length: 120 cm
  • Drainchannel length: 30 cm


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Ordering Information

2015-0724Only Drain24 FR5
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