Koelner Drainage

The Koelner Drainage is a reservoir for post-operative wound drainage without suction. It allows the drainage of wound areas in which Redon drains are used without negative pressure.


Hygienic 3 µm-outlet filter  When used as a gravity drainage the 3 µu-outlet filter allows easy escape of excess air in the reservoir.

OR-Version with universal Redon connector  The tube with transparent universal Redon connector CH 06 - CH 18 for connection to the drain is pre-attached.


  • Luer-Lock connection
  • Crystal-clear material for reliable qualitative assessment of secretions
  • Rough and fine graduation for at-a-glance information about current fill levels
  • Quick-release fasteners included
  • Double packed, sterile
  • Redon bottle DEHP-free
  • Latex-free

Tech. Data

  • Bottle volume: 400 ml


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Ordering Information

Koelner Drainage
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