The Redon Sets for post-operative high vacuum wound drainage consist of a Redon bottle, a connection tube, a Redon drain and a single-use needle. The Redon Sets are suitable for initial placement during surgery and contain all for the drainage needed components.


Complete set  In addition to the Redon bottle with connecting tube, the set also contains a drain and a suitable disposable needle.

Redon connection tube  The tube with transparent universal Redon connector CH 06 - CH 18 for connection to the drain is pre-attached.

High initial vacuum  The Redon bottle has a high initial vacuum of max. 98,000 Pa.

Several system sizes  200 ml and 400 ml systems provide a 50 ml safety volume.


  • Luer-Lock connection 
  • Crystal-clear material for reliable qualitative assessment of secretions
  • Rough and fine graduation for at-a-glance information about current fill levels
  • Integrated vacuum indicator with min./max. indication
  • Quick-release fasteners included
  • Single packed, sterile 
  • Latex-free
  • Redon bottle and Redon drain DEHP-free

Tech. Data

  • Bottle volume: 200 ml – 600 ml
  • Drain size: CH 10 – CH 18
  • Drain length: 75 cm
  • Drain perforation length: 15 cm


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Ordering Information

Redon-Sets - Manufacturing upon customer demands. Minimum order quantity and delivery time upon request.
20567CH 14600 ml25
20568CH 16600 ml700
20569CH 12600 ml25
20918CH 18600 ml25
21502CH 10600 ml25