TitaJet™ light II Contrast

With port systems in the hybrid version, the features and benefits of plastic and titanium are combined, resulting in significant benefits for the user and patient. Based on long-term experience and constant optimization
processes, numerous detail solutions such as e.g. the click connector, which provides a high level of user-friendliness, were able to be developed.


Excellent plastic-titanium combination

Suitable for high-pressure applications  21 bar (300 psi)

Low weight

Easy placement  The oval shape of the port makes it easy to insert the port into the prepared pocket

MRI-conditional  Reduced artefact formation (up to 3,0 T)


  • Catheter made of polyurethane (PU) or silicone
  • Radiopaque, length marked catheter
  • Vessel-friendly atraumatic catheter tip 
  • Click-Connector for safe connection between catheter and port chamber
  • Highly compressed silicone membrane for secure closing of septum and stable holding of puncturing needle
  • Well-palpable septum for safe identification of thepuncture site
  • Latex-, DEHP- and PVC-free

Tech. Data

  • Maximum flowrate: 5 ml/s
  • Catheter length: 750 mm
  • Weight: 7.8 g
  • Residual volume chamber: 0.7 ml
  • Puncture frequency (non-coring 19G needle): 1.000


The implantable port systems of pfm medical ag meet the highest international standards for more than 30 years and are used reliably for the long-term medication in the areas of oncology, e.g. with chemotherapies and parenteral nutrition. The material concept of the port offers the user thereby a choice of high-quality plastic port systems, a variation in pure titanium as well as a hybrid version made of plastic and titanium. High pressure ports as well as low profile versions are available in all three materials.


Basic Set

The surgical cut-down technique is feasible with the listed components. Those components are always included in all set configurations.

  • 1 port (with CT-marking)
  • 1 catheter with atraumatic tip
  • 2 radiopaque click-connectors
  • 1 rinsing needle
  • 1 Huber needle straight (22 G, 25 mm)
  • 1 vein lifter
  • (1 purple bracelet for identification as contrast port)
  • 1 patient passport

Standard Set

The Modified Seldinger Technique is recommended being done with our compatible Standard MST Kit, which consists of a tunneler, a guidewire, an introducer needle as well as a peel-away-sheath.

  • Basic Set (see above)
  • Tunneler
  • Guidewire with dispenser
  • Echogenic introducer needle
  • Peel-away-sheath with dilator

Premium Set

Performing the Modified Seldinger Technique is also possible with our Premium MST Kit which contains of valuable technical features, e.g. an echogenic introducer needle, a peel-away-sheath with either an additional stylet (5 F) or valve (7 F, 9 F) and a nitinol guidewire.

  • Basic Set (see above)
  • Tunneler
  • Nitinol guidewire with dispenser
  • Echogenic safety introducer needle (5 F)
  • Echogenic introducer needle (7 F, 9 F)
  • Peel-away-sheath with dilator and additional stylet (5 F)
  • Peel-away-sheath with dilator and valve (7 F, 9 F)


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