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Laryngeal Mask Straight

The laryngeal mask is used to ventilate patients during anaesthesia.


Safe ventilation  The integrated anti-bite protection of the laryngeal mask and the flexible fixation of the cuff tube prevent interruptions to ventilation during post-anaesthetic recovery caused by the patient biting down.

Patient protection  The smooth, thin-walled surface of the cuff minimises mucosal damage and ensures a perfect seal in the hypopharynx.

Kink resistant  The kink protection prevents accidental kinking when the tube is under torsion or tension.

Easy insertion  The frosted surface reduces friction of the mucous membrane and eases the insertion of the laryngeal mask.


  • Clear material for the identification of secretion and condensation
  • Pilot balloon to indicate important technical information and cuff pressure
  • Disposable product, reduced risk of cross-infection between patients


ConvaTec (Unomedical)

Ordering Information

Laryngeal Mask Straight
MM65220010below 5 kg1Neonates/Infants -10
MM652200155-10 kg1.5Infants -10
MM6522002010-20 kg2Infants -10
MM6522002520-30 kg2.5Childrens -10
MM6522003030-50 kg3Childrens/Adolescents -10
MM6522004050-70 kg4Adults -10
MM65220050above 70 kg5Adults -10