Low Vacuum Drainage System

The Low Vacuum Drainage System is a large capacity wound drainage system for manual evacuation in sensitive tissue using a constant low vacuum.


Gentle application  With its large capacity - compared to other low vacuum systems - this system for manual evacuation with low suction ensures gentle* wound drainage in sensitive tissue.

Improved patient and user protection  Two one-way valves efficiently prevent backflow thus minimising the risk of retrograde wound infections.

Minimised risk of cross-contamination  Cost-effective replacement bags with one-way valve minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

Pre-configured sets  The pre-configured wound drainage set consists of bellow, connection tube, Y-connector, Redon drains and optionally a disposable guide needle. Assembly with silicone drains also optionally available.


* compared to high vacuum systems


  • Large capacity 250 ml bellows to increase the time intervals between re-evacuations and to reduce the total number of re-evacuations required
  • Pre-attached Y-connectors with closed distal ends allow the optional use of one or two Redon drains (CH 08 – CH 18) without the need for additional connectors, adaptors or clamps
  • Hydrophobically coated filter on the drainage bag for hygienic pressure equalisation without the risk of contact with the secretion
  • Safety cap at the bottom outlet of the bellows to prevent spillage of residual fluid
  • Ease of use
  • Redon drains DEHP-free
  • Latex-free

Tech. Data

  • Length: Redon drain: 50 cm, Perforation: 15 cm
  • Volume: Bellows: 250 ml, Drainage bag: 700 ml


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Ordering Information

Low Vacuum Drainage System
207602 Redon drainsCH 1025
207612 Redon drainsCH 1425
207622 Redon drainsCH 1825
207702 Redon drains, TrocarCH 1025
207712 Redon drains, TrocarCH 1425
207722 Redon drains, TrocarCH 1825
20780Exchange bag700 ml25