SRS Implant - Anchorless Single-Incision System

The SRS Implant enables revolutionary surgical treatment of women with anterior prolapse with or without involvement of the apical compartment. Self-Retaining Support (SRS) technology eliminates the need for anchorage or fixation systems.

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Improves Quality of Life  Levy et al. showed a significant improvement in quality of life in the long-term follow-up of the SRS-I and SRS-II trial.1

Simple and fast  The preparation of the paravaginal space is similar to that of other transvaginal meshes. For the experienced surgeon the operation is therefore easy to perform. The mean operative time in the SRS-II trial was 24.7 minutes.1

Proven safety  No intraoperative complications occurred in the SRS-I and SRS-II trial. No mesh erosion or chronic pain was documented during the entire follow-up.1

Anatomically excellent reconstruction  After a median follow-up of 38.4 months, 60/70 patients (85.7%) had a POP-Q stage 0 and 6/70 patients (8.6%) had a POP-Q stage 1.1

Tech. Data


  • Material: Titanised type 1a polypropylene mesh
  • Macroporous: 1 mm pore size
  • Ultra-light: 16 g/m²
  • Monofilament knitted fabrics
  • Non-absorbable: conscious renunciation of resorbable portion


  • Material: The frame of the SRS Implant consists of the high- performance polymer polyetheretherketone (PEEK). PEEK is an attractive alternative to titanium because of its lower weight, strength and biocompatibility. PEEK is being widely used for orthopedics and dental implants.

Application Range

The SRS Implant is intended for the treatment of anterior vaginal wall prolapse with/without apex/uterine prolapse. The SRS Implant is indicated for use in adult females (> 21 years) suffering from anterior vaginal wall prolapse POP-Q ≥ stage 2 (point Ba > -1 cm).


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SRS Implant - Anchorless Single-Incision System


1 Levy et al., Surgical treatment of advanced anterior wall and apical vaginal prolapse using the anchorless self-retaining support implant: long-term follow-up, Int Urogynecol J. 2022, 13: 1-9