DURAMESH™ is a non-resorbable implant for the purpose of approximating and/or the ligation of soft tissues such as muscle, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. DURAMESH™ distributes forces at the suture-tissue interface, while minimising the amount of implanted foreign material and surgical complexity required for implantation. Suturable Mesh therefore combines the desirable principles of a mesh repair with the placement precision of a suture - DURAMESH™: the Suturable Mesh for stronger, earlier repairs.1,2


Enhanced biomechanical properties  DURAMESH™ has more surface area than standard suture, higher yield strength, and ultimate strength in flexor tendon repairs.4

Better repair strength  The multifilament, macroporous mesh body of DURAMESH™ forms a mesh tube. This structure allows fibrovascular ingrowth during wound healing and therefore increases the strength of the repair.2,3

Less gap formation  DURAMESH™’s novel mesh architecture shows less gap formation and more intact repairs compared to standard suture.3

Double the repair strength at two weeks  DURAMESH™ repairs were twice as strong as standard suture repairs at two weeks.3


  • Polypropylene
  • Light Weight
  • Multifilament
  • Non-absorbable
  • ETO Gas Sterilization



Easy to handle, use and tie

The handling and use of DURAMESH™ are equivalent to those of a standard suture, requiring minimal to no training. Its novel design allows it to collapse when tied, resulting in a low-profile knot. DURAMESH™’s attached needle provides surgeons with an intuitive solution for targeted mesh placement. All DURAMESH™ sizes are used in the same instances as an equivalently sized standard suture.

Two Square Knots DURAMESH™ 0 vs 0 Monofilament

Application Range

DURAMESH™ Suturable Mesh is indicated for general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, excluding use in skin and other epithelial tissues.

DURAMESH™ can, for instance, be used for:

  • Laparotomy closures
  • Open umbilical hernia repairs
  • Hiatal hernias
  • Inguinal hernias
  • Flank hernias
  • Trocar site closures
  • Flap harvest closures
  • Tendon repairs
  • Joint capsule closures


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Ordering Information

DURAMESH™ (*Does not meet USP for Diameter)
MSP100-5Small Needle DR20B1.5 mm91 cmUSP*: 2-05
MSP200-5Small Needle HR22B2.6 mm91 cmUSP*: 05
MSP201-5Large Needle HR482.6 mm91 cmUSP*: 05
MSP300-5Small Needle HR26B3.9 mm91 cmUSP*: 15
MSP301-5Large Needle HR483.9 mm91 cmUSP*: 15
MSP500-5Small Needle HR26B4.1 mm91 cmUSP*: 25
MSP501-5Large Needle HR504.1 mm91 cmUSP*: 25


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