Nasal Cannula, Sof-Touch

The clinically clean Sof-Touch nasal cannulas are used to administer oxygen.


High degree of patient comfort  The exceptionally soft and flexible nasal cannulas are very comfortable for patients to wear.

Safety tube prevents collapsing or kinking

Various cannula sizes for all requirements

Safe because they are DEHP-free

Tech. Data

  • Clinically clean


PVC makes modern medical application techniques possible and financially feasible. However, the use of PVC products can at times be associated with certain risks.

Long-term exposure to di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), the plasticizer in PVC, is suspected of having a toxic effect on the reproductive and hepatic systems, among others.

Depending on the environment and the contact time, DEHP can diffuse in large doses from PVC. Solutions containing fats, such as nutritional solutions, even boost this process. For that reason, nasal gastroenteric PVC tubes are high-risk products. Once the DEHP has leached out, they soon become hard and thus need to be changed. This causes additional stress to the patient and additional costs to the user.

Polyadipates are a risk-free alternative to DEHP. In contrast with the latter, this group of PVC plasticizers has a low propensity for diffusion and is not suspected of contributing to the development toxic effects. Even when in contact with fat-containing solutions, products containing polyadipate as a plasticizer remain soft and flexible over a period of up to four weeks.


ConvaTec (Unomedical)

Ordering Information

Nasal Cannula, Sof-Touch
REFVersionCannula designTube lengthTypeVPE
318-MMSafety tubeCurved210 cmAdults50
319-MMSafety tubeCurved420 cmAdults50
332-MMSafety tubeCurved210 cmChildren50
3337-MMSafety tubeCurved210 cmInfants50
3338-MMSafety tubeCurved210 cmNeonatal50
9308-MMSafety tubeStraight/funnel210 cmAdults50