Oxygen Catheter, Sterile

The sterile oxygen catheters are used to administer oxygen.


High degree of patient acceptance  The soft rounded tip of the mono-nasal oxygen catheter ensures a high degree of patient acceptance.

Blue material  Blue-pigmented material for clear identification. Avoids mix-ups with nasal feeding tubes.

Atraumatic lateral holes for good oxygen distribution


  • Availabe in different CH sizes with and without compressors

Tech. Data

  • Sterile packed

Functions & Processes

Application Range

Administration of oxygen (low concentration)


ConvaTec (Unomedical)

Ordering Information

Oxygen Catheter, Sterile
REFConnection typeCHCompressLengthPZNVPE
19029182Stepped connector08Movable40 cm7697174100
19030182Stepped connector10Movable40 cm7697180100
19032182Stepped connector14Movable40 cm7697197100
19034242Stepped connector08None40 cm7697240100
19035242Stepped connector10None40 cm7697257100
19039052Stepped connector08Fixed40 cm7697205100
19040052Stepped connector10Fixed40 cm7697211100
19041052Stepped connector12Fixed40 cm7697228100
19042052Stepped connector14Fixed40 cm7697234100
19043052Funnel10None40 cm -100
19074052Funnel10Fixed40 cm -100