Venturi Mask

The clinically clean Venturi oxygen masks are designed to deliver a defined oxygen concentration.


Very patient friendly  The adjustable nose clip and the under-chin design increase the comfort and acceptance of these masks. Together, their superb fit and excellent seal ensure the best possible provision for patients.

Transparent  The transparent mask makes it possible to monitor facial colour and vital functions. 

No allergy risk  Both mask and strap are latex-free thus preventing allergic reactions.

Tech. Data

Application Range

Administration of oxygen


ConvaTec (Unomedical)

Ordering Information

Venturi Mask
REFConnection typeVersionTube lengthTypeVPE
3120-MMEUUniversalStandard210 cmAdults50
93227-MMEUUniversalStandard210 cmChildren50
93270-MMEUUniversalStandard210 cmInfant50