JetCan™ – Standard Port Needle

The JetCan™ is a Huber design cannula for the safe puncture of implanted port systems. The special design prevents silicone particles being punched out of the port membrane.


Needle with high inherent stability  A firm fixation of the needle for proper injection canals and tight fit.

Optimized tube configuration  The DEHP-free tubing consists inside of polyethylene (PE) and outside of polyvenylchloride (PVC).


  • No tube
  • Straight tube


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CH 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

Ordering Information

JetCan™ – Standard Port Needle
REFVersionDiameter needleFormSizeLengthPZNVPE
61.512.20.025without tube0.9 mmstraight20 G25 mm -20
61.512.20.125without tube0.9 mmcurved20 G25 mm -20
61.512.22.030without tube0.7 mmstraight22 G32 mm -20
61.512.22.130without tube0.7 mmcurved22 G25 mm -20
61.612.19.130with tube1.1 mmcurved19 G25 mm -20
61.612.19.132with tube1.1 mmcurved19 G32 mm -20
61.612.20.000with Y-Connector0.9 mmcurved20 G25 mm -20
61.612.20.120with tube0.9 mmcurved20 G20 mm -20
61.612.20.130with tube0.9 mmcurved20 G25 mm -20
61.612.20.132with tube0.9 mmcurved20 G32 mm -20
61.612.22.000with Y-Connector0.7 mmcurved22 G25 mm -20
61.612.22.115with tube0.7 mmcurved22 G15 mm -20
61.612.22.130with tube0.7 mmcurved22 G25 mm -20
61.612.22.132with tube0.7 mmcurved22 G32 mm -20