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Onco-Grip® – Standard Port Needle

Onco-Grip® is a non-Coring needle for puncturing implantable port systems.


  • Removable wings for safe grip during puncture procedure.
  • Low-Profile for easy and secure fixation.
  • Highly comfortable for the patient through optimized product shape.
  • Transparent base plate for easy inspection of the puncture site.
  • Soft foam ring for proper stabilisation of the device.


  • Latex-free
  • Extension 180 mm with clamp


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Ordering Information

Onco-Grip® – Standard Port Needle
REFColour codeSizePZNVPE
61.912.19.315white (clamp)19 G x 15 mm -12
61.912.19.320white (clamp)19 G x 20 mm -12
61.912.19.330white (clamp)19 G x 25 mm -12
61.912.19.332white (clamp)19 G x 32 mm -12
61.912.20.315yellow (clamp)20 G x 15 mm -12
61.912.20.320yellow (clamp)20 G x 20 mm -12
61.912.20.330yellow (clamp)20 G x 25 mm -12
61.912.20.332yellow (clamp)20 G x 32 mm -12
61.912.20.338yellow (clamp)20 G x 38 mm -12
61.912.22.315black (clamp)22 G x 15 mm -12
61.912.22.320black (clamp)22 G x 20 mm -12
61.912.22.330black (clamp)22 G x 25 mm -12