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UnoMeter™ Safeti™ Plus Replacement Bag System

The UnoMeter™ Safeti™ Plus replacement bag system permits the precise and safe measurement of urine volume and subsequent drainage.


Needle-free sampling  Thanks to needle-free sampling with KombiKon™, there is no risk of needlestick injuries.

Speedy, reflux-free emptying  The double-lumen tube with a non return valve ensures the speedy drainage of the tube into the chamber without reflux to the patient.

Precise and quick measurement  The clear scaling permits quick and precise reading of fill levels.

Low-risk venting  The protected hydrophobic bacterial filter permits low-risk venting of the system.

Kink protection  The anti-kink spiral prevents kinking.

Fewer infections  The replacement bag with one-way valve makes it possible to connect and disconnect bags easily without the risk of ascending infections.


  • EasiMT™ outlet for the comfortable and controlled drainage of urine
  • The anti-kink spiral prevents kinking
  • Variable fastening options by tope, strap and hook


1 Insert syringe 2 Turn clockwise to lock 3 Take urine sample and withdraw syringe – the slit closes automatically 


The problem: needlestick injuries

More than 2% of all urine samples contain blood.[1]

Needlestick injuries are one of the main causes of infections with hepatitis B and C virus as well as HIV and constitute a great risk to nursing staff.[2] In Germany alone, approx. 500,000 needlestick injuries occur each year.[3] This results in consequential costs of about 30 million euros per year just in Germany.[4]

The solution: KombiKon™

The KombiKon™ urine sampling point allows nursing staff to take urine samples without the use of a needle and thus safely. With the amendment to the technical directive regarding ‘Biologische Arbeitsstoffe im Gesundheitswesen und in der Wohlfahrtspflege’ (‘Biological materials in health care and welfare work’) (TRBA 250), which came into force on 1 August 2006, the duty of employers to prevent needlestick injuries have now been set out in binding terms.

A clinical test has shown that KombiKon™ can be used without the risk of contamination to the urine drainage system for at least ten sample collections.[5] In addition, KombiKon™ is a universal connector suitable for most standard syringes thus rendering expensive special cannulas superfluous.

1 Armstrong, Sara E. (1994): ‘The cost of needle-stick injuries. The impact of safer medical devices’.
2 ‘Needlestick prevention for worker safety: sharps injuries still a leading occupational hazard’, Environment of Care News, August 2005, Volume 8, Issue 8.
3 Bundesverband Medizintechnologie e. V., Fachbereich Nadelstich Prävention, Berlin, 2009.
4 Informationsbroschüre der Initiative SAFETY FIRST! ‘Der unterschätzte Arbeitsunfall, Infektionsrisiko durch Nadelstichverletzungen’, Heidelberg (2009).
5 Tvede, Michael (2003), University of Copenhagen (Denmark): ‘Leistungsfähigkeit des kanülenfreien Probeentnahmeanschlusses KombiKon’.


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UnoMeter™ Safeti™ Plus Replacement Bag System
REFDescriptionTube lengthValvePackagingVolumeVPE
158100610190Chamber volume: 500 ml150 cm sterile1500 ml10
158101010190Chamber volume: 500 ml110 cmsterile 2000 ml10
30 810 1S-90Replacement Bag System - sterile1500 ml100
47 810 1S-90Replacement Bag System - sterile3500 ml100