Tiemann Single-Use Catheter

A single-use catheter which is especially for males: the angular Tiemann tip (ball tip) enables the prostrate gland to be circumnavigated in an especially careful manner. A mark on the connector shows the alignment of the Tiemann tip whilst it is being inserted.


Atraumatic urine drainage  Sanitised, medical PVC and two rounded-off eyes positioned at the side ensure an optimal sliding quality and care for the sensitive tissue.

Fast size identification  The colour-coded funnel insert of the single-use catheter
provides for a fast and certain identification of the sizes.


  • Atraumatic eyes
  • Individually packed in sterile packaging
  • Transparent PVC providing full urine visibility
  • Contains no pyrogens or latex


The single-use catheters are exclusively suitable for shortterm use.


ConvaTec (Unomedical)

Ordering Information

Tiemann Single-Use Catheter
0300924214Green -100
0301424220Yellow -100