Cardio Hook Grasping Forceps

The Cardio Hook Grasping Forceps are a retrieval instrument designed for interventional cardiology, particularly for the retrieval of foreign material such as misplaced or dislocated occluders. In general, they may also be used for the transluminal extraction of catheters, catheter fragments, and other foreign objects.


Two front teeth with hooks for secure grasping

Ergonomic handle

160 cm functional length


  • For use with sheaths 7F or larger
  • Diameter jaw parts 5.4F diameter (1,8 mm)
  • Spring-loaded handle for ease of use


H. + H. Maslanka

Chirurgische Instrumente GmbH  

Stockacher Strasse 172

78532 Tuttlingen, Germany

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Cardio Hook Grasping Forceps