Sizing Balloon Catheter – PTS®

The PTS® sizing balloon catheter was developed for patients suffering from a cardiovascular defect, where it is advisable to measure the precise extent of the defect. The defect is carefully stretched with the compliant balloon and measured. The result of the sizing procedure can be used to select an appropriate occluder device for closing the defect.


Exact sizing  Four platinum markers are used to position the balloon and accordingly to determine the exact size of the cardiovascular defect.


  • Super-Thin Balloon
  • Double Tapered Balloon

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Ordering Information

Sizing Balloon Catheter – PTS®
REFBalloon diameterBalloon lengthUsable lengthRBPIntroducer sizeVPE
PTS20320 mm30 mm80 cm1,5 atm8F1
PTS25325 mm30 mm80 cm1.5 atm8 F1
PTS30330 mm30 mm80 cm1.0 atm8 F1
PTS30430 mm40 mm80 cm1.0 atm8 F1
PTS30530 mm50 mm80 cm1.0 atm8 F1
PTS40340 mm30 mm80 cm0.5 atm9 F1
PTS40440 mm40 mm80 cm0.5 atm9 F1
PTS40540 mm50 mm80 cm0.5 atm9 F1