UnoFlex™ Spiraltubus, HVLP-Cuff, Magill

The UnoFlex™ spiral tube (HVLP cuff, Magill) is an oral-nasal intubation tube with a high-volume, low-pressure cuff for effective sealing.


Flat spiral wire in the tube wall for an excellent relationship ID/OD

Atraumatic bull nose tip for gentle intubation

Thermosensitive material conforms to anatomy

KolourKon colour coding for easy identification

Double ring depth marker and graduation for accurate placement


  • Radiopaque x-ray line up to the tip
  • Self-closing valve with luer-lock syringe attachment piece
  • Thin-walled cuff material
  • Medical PVC
  • 100% latex-free
  • Magill shape
  • Pilot balloon with clear identification markers


KolourKon™ colour coding
Tube size Recommended catheter gauge* Colour code Tube connector Suction catheter**
ID (mm) OD (CH) OD (mm)      
3.0 -  3.5  4 1.33 red    
4.0 -  4.5  6 2.00 green    
5.0 -  6.0  8 2.66 blue    
6.5 -  7.0 10 3.33 black    
7.5 -  8.0 12 4.00 white    
8.5 -  9.0 14 4.66 green    
9.5 - 11.0 16 5.33 orange    

*To exhaust more secretion the catheter could be minimal bigger as the half ID of the tube. **EN1733

Application Range

For intubation and ventilation


ConvaTec (Unomedical)

Ordering Information

UnoFlex™ Spiraltubus, HVLP-Cuff, Magill
MM612240507.2 mm5.0 mm255 mmMagill10
MM612240557.7 mm5.5 mm288 mmMagill10
MM612240608.4 mm6.0 mm298 mmMagill10
MM612240658.9 mm6.5 mm309 mmMagill10
MM612240709.7 mm7.0 mm316 mmMagill10
MM6122407510.3 mm7.5 mm328 mmMagill10
MM6122408010.3 mm8.0 mm338 mmMagill10
MM6122408511.5 mm8.5 mm338 mmMagill10
MM6122409012.1 mm9.0 mm338 mmMagill10