SoftVent® Pro, EVLP-Cuff, Magill

The SoftVent® Pro (EVLP cuff, Magill) is an oral-nasal intubation tube with an extended-volume, low-pressure cuff.


Atraumatic bull nose tip for gentle intubation

Thermosensitive material conforms to anatomy

KolourKon™ colour coding for easy identification

Double-ring depth marker and graduation for accurate placement

Pilot balloon with clear identification markers

Thin-walled cuff material for optimal sealing


  • Radiopaque x-ray line
  • Self-closing valve with luer-lock syringe attachment piece
  • Medical PVC
  • 100% latex-free
  • Magill shape


KolourKon™ colour coding
Tube size Recommended catheter gauge* Colour code Tube connector Suction catheter**
ID (mm) OD (CH) OD (mm)      
3.0 -  3.5  4 1.33 red    
4.0 -  4.5  6 2.00 green    
5.0 -  6.0  8 2.66 blue    
6.5 -  7.0 10 3.33 black    
7.5 -  8.0 12 4.00 white    
8.5 -  9.0 14 4.66 green    
9.5 - 11.0 16 5.33 orange    

*To exhaust more secretion the catheter could be minimal bigger as the half ID of the tube. **EN1733

Application Range

For intubation and ventilation


ConvaTec (Unomedical)

Ordering Information

SoftVent® Pro, EVLP-Cuff, Magill
MM614200608.0 mm6.0 mm -Magill10
MM614200658.0 mm6.0 mm -Magill10
MM614200708.0 mm6.0 mm -Magill10
MM614200758.0 mm6.0 mm -Magill10
MM614200808.0 mm6.0 mm -Magill10
MM614200858.0 mm6.0 mm -Magill10
MM614200908.0 mm6.0 mm -Magill10