APL 2002® Set

The APL 2002® Set is used as a connecting tube according to DIN EN ISO 8536 in conjunction with the BodyGuard 323 infusion pumps.


  • Drug contact surface made of PE = low adhesion and/or intake of drug ingredients
  • Integrated air and particle filter (version dependent)
  • Integrated check valve
  • DEHP and latex free
  • Individual sterile packing


Configurations APL 2002® Set


pfm medical mepro gmbh

Am Söterberg 4

66620 Nonnweiler-Otzenhausen, Germany

Ordering Information

APL 2002® Set
52011With spike -APL 2002/1 Set2.2 m10
52012With spike1.2 µm filterAPL 2002/2 Set2.2 m10
52013With 150 ml reservoir -APL 2002/3 Set2.2 m10
52014With 150 ml reservoir0.2 µm filterAPL 2002/4 Set2.2 m10
52015With yellow line0.2 µm filterAPL 2002/5 Set2.2 m10
52016With Y piece and 2. line -APL 2002/6 Set2.2 m1
52019With spike, injection port1.2 µm filterAPL 2002/9 Set3.3 m10
52022With luer lock1.2 µm filterAPL 2002/22 Set2.2 m10
52024With spike0.2 µm filterAPL 2002/24 Set2.2 m10
52025With spiral exten. and Y piece1.2 µm filterAPL 2002/25 Set3.4 m10
52026With spiral extension1.2 µm filterAPL 2002/26 Set4.8 m10
52034With spiral exten. and Y piece0.2 µm filterAPL 2002/34 Set3.4 m10