LL 2012 Set

The LL 2012 Set is used as a connecting tube for pressure infusions according to DIN EN ISO 8536 in conjunction with the LimLess® infusion pump.


  • Drug contact surface made of PE = low adhesion and/or intake of drug ingredients
  • Integrated air and particle filter (version dependent)
  • Integrated check valve
  • DEHP and latex free
  • Individual sterile packing


Three different materials are combined in the tube of the LL 2012 Sets.

The innermost layer of the tube, thus the drug contact surface, consists of LD-PE (highly branched polyethylene with low density). PE is highly resistant to acids, bases and greasy solvents and excellently suitable for drug administration. It is well tolerated by fats/lipids, which belong to the most aggressive substances and are contained in solutions for parenteral nutrition. Through its nonpolar hydrophobic surface PE also strongly restricts the adsorption of drugs. PE is a pure hydrocarbon and has a high biocompatibility.

The middle layer consists of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate-copolymer). EVA is characterized by excellent mechanical properties, e.g. high tensile strength and resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

The outer layer consists of PVC (polyvinyl chlorid). It is the thickest layer and serves as a supporting framework. PVC is plastic with outstanding mechanical characteristics, which allows safe connection with other plastics, e.g. luer lock connectors. Additionally the LL 2012/5 and LL 2012/41 Sets include a special additive in the tube material which acts as an uv-block for the wave lengths 200 – 450 nm. 

The tube of the LL 2012 Sets in cross section


Configurations LL 2012 Sets


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Ordering Information

LL 2012 Set
73011With spike -LL 2012/1 Set2.2 m10
73012With spike1.2 µm FilterLL 2012/2 Set2.2 m10
73013With 150 ml reservoir -LL 2012/3 Set2.2 m10
73014With 150 ml reservoir0.2 µm FilterLL 2012/4 Set2.2 m10
73015With yellow line0.2 µm FilterLL 2012/5 Set2.2 m10
73016With Y piece and 2nd line -LL 2012/6 Set2.2 m10
73018With 250 ml reservoir0.2 µm FilterLL 2012/18 Set2.2 m10
73019With spike, injection port1.2 µm FilterLL 2012/9 Set3.3 m10
73022With Luer Lock -LL 2012/22 Set2.2 m10
73024With spike0.2 µm FilterLL 2012/24 Set2.2 m10
73025With spiral exten. and Y piece1.2 µm FilterLL 2012/25 Set3.4 m10
73026With spiral extension1.2 µm FilterLL 2012/26 Set4.8 m10
73027With drip chamber -LL 2012/27 Set2.2 m10
73034With spiral exten. and Y piece0.2 µm Filter 3.4 m10
73041With UV-light protection -LL 2012/41 Set2.2 m10