Dilatation Catheter Mullins-X™

The  Mullins-X™ dilatation catheter is the specialist when it comes to indications calling for extremly high pressure. It is ideal for stents placement and for stent redilatatation procedures.


Laminated construction   It´s special construction provides a rated burst pressure (RBP) of uo to 14 atm.

Accurate positioning  Features five markers for precise positioning. One marker is in the tip of the catheter, two are fitted below the shoulder of the balloon and two are in the middle section of the balloon.


  • Available in diameters ranging from 12 to 20 mm
  • RBP from 11 - 14 atm


  • Dilatation catheter
  • For use with stents and for redilatation procedures in already implanted stents


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Ordering Information

Dilatation Catheter Mullins-X™
REFBalloon diameterBalloon lengthRBPIntroducer sizeVPE
PTM44012.0 mm30 mm14 atm9 F1
PTM44112.0 mm40 mm14 atm9 F1
PTM44214.0 mm30 mm14 atm10 F1
PTM44314.0 mm40 mm14 atm10 F1
PTM44415.0 mm30 mm13 atm10 F1
PTM44515.0 mm40 mm13 atm10 F1
PTM44616.0 mm30 mm12 atm11 F1
PTM44716.0 mm40 mm12 atm11 F1
PTM44818.0 mm30 mm12 atm12 F1
PTM44918.0 mm40 mm12 atm12 F1
PTM45020.0 mm30 mm11 atm13 F1
PTM45120.0 mm40 mm11 atm13 F1
PTM45222.0 mm30 mm10 atm14 F1
PTM45322.0 mm40 mm10 atm14 F1
PTM45425.0 mm30 mm9 atm16 F1
PTM45525.0 mm40 mm9 atm16 F1
PTM45623.0 mm30 mm9 atm14 F1
PTM45723.0 mm40 mm9 atm14 F1