Valvuloplasty Catheter – COEfficient™

The COEfficient™ Pediatric Valvuloplasty catheter is engineered for maximum steering and tracking. The coaxial shaft design provides enhanced column strength and pushability combined with a flexible distal tip for optimum steerability. The distinguishing feature of this high-pressure balloon catheter is its extremely slim profile. It can be used with even the smallest introducer sheaths (4–7 FR at 13–7 ATM).


Micro-thin  The COEfficient™ balloon is made of a micro-thin material which allows an exceptionally low profile and therefore, requires the smallest introducers possible.

Balloon  The COEfficient™ balloon is coaxially constructed with a distally mounted non-compliant high pressure balloon suitable for resistant stenosis.

Maximum Trackability  The distal shaft through the balloon is highly flexible for exceptional maneuverability. This, combined with the pushability of the coaxial shaft, provides outstanding tracking performance.

Radiopaque Marker  Platinum marker bands facilitate reliable positioning of the balloon.

Customized Sizes upon request  If you don’t find the appropriate size for your procedure, we can make customized sizes upon request.

Optimal supplement  Fills the gap between the high-pressure catheters Tyshak II® and Z-MED II™


  • CE: Class III
  • Catheter Body: Polymeric, DEHP-free, Latex-free
  • Balloon: Thermoplastic Elastomer (Non-compliant – The balloon will not exceed +/- 10% of the given balloon size at Rated Burst Pressure), DEHP-free, Latex-free
  • Image Band: Platinum Iridium
  • Balloon Diameter (mm): 4.0 – 12.0
  • Balloon Length (cm): 2.0 – 4.0
  • Rated Burst Pressure (ATM): 7 – 13
  • Introducer Size (FR): 4 – 7
  • Indication: Pediatric PTV of the Pulmonary Valve


For treatment of pulmonary valve stenosis.


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Ordering Information

Valvuloplasty Catheter – COEfficient™
REFBalloon diameterBalloon lengthUsable lengthRBPIntroducer sizeVPE
COE1014.0 mm20 mm75 cm13 atm4 F1
COE1024.0 mm30 mm75 cm13 atm4 F1
COE1045.0 mm20 mm75 cm12 atm4 F1
COE1055.0 mm30 mm75 cm12 atm4 F1
COE1076.0 mm20 mm75 cm12 atm5 F1
COE1086.0 mm30 mm75 cm12 atm5 F1
COE1096.0 mm40 mm75 cm12 atm5 F1
COE1107.0 mm20 mm75 cm11 atm5 F1
COE1117.0 mm30 mm75 cm11 atm5 F1
COE1138.0 mm20 mm75 cm10 atm6 F1
COE1148.0 mm30 mm75 cm10 atm6 F1
COE1158.0 mm40 mm75 cm10 atm6 F1
COE1169.0 mm20 mm75 cm10 atm6 F1
COE1179.0 mm30 mm75 cm10 atm6 F1
COE1189.0 mm40 mm75 cm10 atm6 F1
COE11910.0 mm20 mm75 cm10 atm6 F1
COE12010.0 mm30 mm75 cm10 atm6 F1
COE12110.0 mm40 mm75 cm10 atm6 F1
COE12211.0 mm20 mm75 cm8 atm6 F1
COE12311.0 mm30 mm75 cm8 atm6 F1
COE12512.0 mm20 mm75 cm7 atm6 F1
COE12612.0 mm30 mm75 cm7 atm7 F1
COE12712.0 mm40 mm75 cm7 atm7 F1
COE1317.0 mm20 mm150 cm11 atm5 F1
COE1395.0 mm30 mm150 cm12 atm4 F1
COE1416.0 mm30 mm150 cm12 atm5 F1
COE1458.0 mm30 mm150 cm10 atm6 F1
COE1468.0 mm40 mm150 cm10 atm6 F1
COE15010.0 mm40 mm150 cm10 atm6 F1
COE15111.0 mm30 mm150 cm8 atm6 F1
COE15312.0 mm30 mm150 cm7 atm7 F1