Should you have a reason for complaint or wish to return products to us for any other reason, please contact your responsible contact person in the pfm medical customer service in advance.

Please do not ship products without prior consultation, as we reserve the right not to refund unannounced returns.

In the event of wrong or incorrect deliveries as well as returns of disposable products on a goodwill basis, pfm medical will only refund goods which are in a marketable condition, i.e. the goods are still sufficiently durable, in their original packaging, not damaged, not labelled, not pasted on, not dirty and unopened. 

Custom-made products are excluded from return.

Returns - general

Returns - infusion pump


Return of ready-to-use remedies

For the application of the return of ready-to-use remedies you will receive a template from the Customer Solutions division on which you please confirm in a legally binding manner that the goods are marketable in the sense of the AMG and the AM-HandelsV and have not left your area of responsibility.


If you have a product complaint, please also complete the relevant pfm medical complaints form:

For the return of goods that have already been used, observe the complaints guideline (de/en/fr/es/it/pt).