Technical service and support

Users of pfm medical’s devices and systems can call on our own service and repair department.

  • pfm medical microtomes and laboratory equipment, for servicing and maintenance
  • LimLess and BodyGuard infusion pumps

From the initial instruction onwards, you are supported by our service technicians with:

  • technical services to ensure functioning
  • up to date information on developments and hardware and software Upgrades.

Safety and reliability

Both are essential when using laboratory devices and medical technology systems. The more complex the product, the more demanding its technical maintenance. Continuous professional maintenance by the manufacturer makes sure that all the necessary parameters are checked and maintains the value of your investment throughout the useful life of the device.

The aim: top quality therapy

LimLess and BodyGuard infusion systems are modern high-performance products for long-term use by patients. Our technical service can help to ensure trouble-free operation during therapy and thus contribute to patient safety:

  • Regular safety checks and any repairs that may be necessary to make sure the product functions correctly
  • Replacement systems are available for hire during servicing. This maintains the continuity of product use and makes material planning easier for you.
  • Optional extended guarantee period of up to 3 years means that the total cost is foreseeable for you.
  • Technology and software updates keep you abreast of developments.


Use our maintenance service. Nobody else knows pfm medical products as well as we do!

We provide you with solution-oriented support in all technical matters.

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