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With its Nit-Occlud® product range, pfm medical offers a portfolio of innovative occluders for the treatment of congenital and structural heart defects.

The Nit-Occlud® PDA is suitable for children born with the heart defect PDA (persistent ductus arteriosus). This flexible system features a unique spiral-shaped occlusion device, and has already been successfully implanted in several thousand patients around the world.

pfm medical has been developing and marketing occluders and other implants for the field of interventional cardiology since 1993. The product range is being constantly expanded thanks to intensive research and a continuous exchange with physicians.

In paediatric cardiology pfm medical works with NuMed, a global leader in the manufacture of special stents and balloon catheters for paediatrics and neonatology. This strategic partnership has led to a comprehensive range of solutions for young and very young patients. pfm medical also provides a wide range of products for use in interventional radiology. The focus here is on the treatment of arterial occlusive disease in adults. 

Further information on the occluders in the Nit-Occlud® product range can be found on the product pages:

The Nit-Occlud® PDA occluder is designed for the treatment of children with the congenital PDA (persistent ductus arteriosus) heart defect. The system boasts a unique spiral-shaped occlusion device, making it very flexible and adaptable to the individual defect. It has already been successfully implanted in many thousands of patients across the globe.

The Nit-Occlud® PFO occluder has been developed by pfm medical specifically for the treatment of PFO (patent foramen ovale), the most common congenital heart defect. The implant impresses with its slim design and sparing use of materials.

The unique Nit-Occlud® Lé VSD occluder enables the interventional treatment of the ventricular septal defect (VSD), i.e. a hole in the wall separating the two chambers of the heart. With the introduction of this spiral-coil occlusion system, it is now possible to treat all variations of this very complex heart defect. Prior to the introduction of this occluder, only limited treatment of this defect had been possible.

The balloon catheters by the US manufacturer NuMed are used in the treatment of heart valve defects known as valvuloplasty, or surgical reconstruction of a valve. pfm medical is seen as one of the most renowned suppliers in this field.

The CP (Cheatham platinum) stent is an innovative and adaptable stent for the treatment of constrictions in the main artery in the aortic arch, known as aortic isthmus stenoses. What makes the CP stent stand out: the diameter of the stent can be repeatedly adjusted in patients who are still growing.