New name: ClearSight™ has become ClearCoast™


ClearCut Medical Ltd. has changed the name of its diffusion-weighted MRI technology for intraoperative margin evaluation, previously known as the ClearSight™ system – with immediate effect. 

This product is now called the ClearCoast™ MRI system. The name change was made due to trademark issues. The containers for the tissue excised during surgery have also been renamed – they are now called ClearCoast™ Tissue Containers. Despite the new names, the technology behind these products remains unchanged.

pfm medical expanded its breast cancer diagnostics portfolio to include the mobile MRI system back in 2019. This innovative system enables precise margin evaluation during breast surgery, while still in the intraoperative environment. This can reduce the need for a second operation by up to 80 percent. (Thill M, Van Haasteren V., at al., Successful Intraoperative Margin Assessment In Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ and Invasive Breast Cancer With Diffusion Weighted MRI Using ClearSight™ System. 62. DGGG, Berlin 31.10.-