pfm medical and NuMED – a trans-Atlantic partnership

For more than 15 years now, pfm medical has worked in partnership with one of the global leaders in the field of interventional paediatric cardiology – a field in which innovative techniques are used for interventional heart surgery in children.

In Europe, we are the exclusive distributors for NuMED products in Germany, Austria, Belarus, Slovenia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.

Our mutual success is based on the close partnership between the two owner families and the employees at both companies. We jointly develop products in line with market demands and the latest research.

NuMED - innovative technologies for children’s hearts

NuMED was established in 1982 as a US-Canadian company. The company’s main office as well as the research and development and the production divisions are located in the US (NuMED Inc.). In 1990, production was expanded with the establishment of NuMED Canada Inc.

To this day, NuMED focuses its expertise almost exclusively on the research and continuous improvement of products used in paediatric cardiology. The product range includes:

  • PTA catheters
  • Balloon catheters
  • High-pressure dilation catheters
  • Catheters for measuring pressure gradients
  • PTCA catheters
  • Ob-gyn catheters
  • PTV catheters
  • Customised catheters
  • Growth stents

Award-winning research and development

Allen Tower, the company’s founder, had the express aim of using newly developed interventional techniques to improve the quality of life of children with heart conditions.

For his successes in the field of paediatric interventional cardiology, Allen Tower was given the coveted PICS Achievement Award by the Pediatric & Adult Interventional Symposium.

Main office

USA (main office, R&D, production)
NuMED, Inc.
2880 Main Street
Hopkinton, NY
12965 USA

T (315) 328-4491
F (315) 328-4941

Canada (production)
NuMED Canada Inc.
45 Second Street West
Cornwall, ON
K6J 1G3 Canada

T (613) 936-2592
F (613) 936-2593

NuMed is certified according to ISO 13485 and SGS CMDCAS.