Thanks to our own development and production facilities as well as our service companies, we combine all of the sectors required by a modern medical engineering company to shape the future of the industry with its developments – to the benefit of patients.

Production and Development

pfm medical cpp - La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

pfm medical mepro - Nonnweiler-Otzenhausen, Germany

pfm medical tec - Dielheim, Germany

pfm medical titanium - Nürnberg, Germany

pfm medical USA - Carlsbad, USA

Service Companies

pfm medical expert - Cologne, Germany

pfm medical Institute - Cologne, Germany

pfm medical msg - Nonnweiler-Otzenhausen, Germany

pfm medical tpm - Cologne, Germany

Sales Subsidiaries

pfm medical asia - Hong Kong

pfm medical argentina - Buenos Aires, Argentina

pfm medical China - Bejing, China

pfm medical france - Mérignac, France

pfm medical slovenia - Koper, Slovenia

pfm medical uk - Poynton / Cheshire, England

pfm medical USA - Carlsbad, USA