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pfm medical france SAS was set up near Bordeaux in 2009. The sales team consists of six regional sales managers and is responsible for the whole of France.

  • For inpatient and outpatient infusion therapy we offer the electronic infusion pump LimLess® which has been devleoped and is produced in Germany by pfm medical.  
  • For venous and arterial access, our portfolio includes the EZ HuberTM safety infusion cannula and a range of port systems.
  • We also provide a range of surgical implants for the stabilisation (reinforcement) of hernias and the surgical treatment of incontinence in both women and men.
  • In addition, we also provide products used in interventional cardiology, including occlusion systems for PDA and PFO, balloon catheters coated with pharmaceuticals as well as stents and snare loop systems.

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Main office

pfm medical france SAS
6, rue Joule
Tourmaline 2
F-33700 Mérignac, France

Managing director:
Louise Van Boxsom, Frank Klinker

T +33 55602-7735
F +33 55602-9793

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