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pfm medical tpm gmbh (formerly Applica GmbH), founded in 2001, is the reliable partner for the provision of outpatient aids and discharge management from hospitals into the home environment for parenteral nutrition and continuous drainage of pleural effusions and ascites

The aim of the products and services of pfm medical tpm is to enable and simplify a safe transition of complex treatments from the hospital to the home environment and to thus offer patients a better quality of life.

Our trained professionals foster a close dialogue with the physicians and patients and, if necessary, provide training to ensure the best possible outpatient care for the patients. But our close contact with the statutory health insurers is also important to ensure simple and reliable invoicing of our services. In addition to this, the employees of pfm medical tpm are contact points for the German trade partners in the provision of medical aids. 


pfm medical tpm gmbh distributes high-quality and high-performance products for the areas of infusion therapy, permanent continuous drainage of ascites and pleural effusions and for urinary incontinence. Here is a selection of the most important products:

Product examples

LimLess® – Infusion pump for out-patient and in-patient care
ASEPT® Drainage system for treatment of pleural effusions and ascites
A6 Safeti™ – Closed urinary drainage system


  • Discharge management
  • User training, e.g.
    - port puncture and care
    - care techniques & hygiene
    - applied infusion therapy and fluid management
    - TRBA 250
  • Aid management and invoicing
  • Technical service for the maintenance and repair of infusion pumps




pfm medical tpm gmbh
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50996 Cologne, Germany

Aurel Schoeller

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