National and international studies

As a developing company, pfmmedical conducts clinical studies both nationally and internationally.

In addition to studies to test safety and effectiveness, pfmmedical also conducts so-called market observation studies. Market observation studies serve to prove the benefit to patients as well as the scientific investigation of rare side effects and the long-term efficacy of our products.

We promote transparency

pfmmedical publishes all results of the studies carried out. Only if the results are published transparently and completely can they really serve medical research, contribute to progress and benefit the patient.

pfmmedical attaches great importance to ensuring that the results of the examinations are presented and evaluated in a neutral manner. In order to meet this requirement, we commission renowned research institutes and cooperate with independent scientists and experts.

Studies referring to our products

Here you will find not only our own studies and their results, but also results of other studies related to our products or the operation techniques in which our products can be applied.

Titanised mesh implants


Ongoing studies