Cathy™ is a closed suction system with integrated filter for protection against infections.


Closed suction system with integrated filter to minimise the risk of cross-infection

Mully catheter for atraumatic suction

Sealable rinse chamber to avoid unintentional aspiration

Disconnection ring for fast and safe separation of the system from the tube

Graduation in 1 cm increments for easier reading of insertion depth


  • One-way valve in the rinse port for the effective prevention of volume loss and aerosol formation
  • Transparent material for easier reading of depth markings
  • Double swivel connector to relieve strain on tube or cannula
  • Straightforward, easy-to-operate protective cap to prevent accidental operation of the suction valve
  • Colour-coded connectors for easy identification
  • Universal connector to fit almost all suction tubes and receptacles
  • Fewer disconnections thanks to 48 hours of service time


Nosocomial infections (source: German Hospital Organisation)

Application Range

Endotracheal and endobronchial suction


ConvaTec (Unomedical)

Ordering Information

REFColour codeFlex tubeSizeLengthPZNVPE
36027182GreenWith Flex TubeCH 1455 cm -18
36029182OrangeWith Flex TubeCH 1645 cm -18