The TUORen infusion pumps are disposable elastomeric pumps with a hard case. They are used for the application of medication. Our disposable infusion pumps have a specially designed balloon-like reservoir that is filled with the drug or fluid intended for infusion. This balloon exerts mechanical pressure there by administering the liquid based medication through a flow restrictor creating the pre-determined flow rate. The entire unit is sterile and is intended for single use only. The device is designed to deliver the nominal volume within +/- 10 % (CBI, CBI + PCA) or +/- 15 % (MR) of the nominal infusion time.


  • Easy filling and use
  • Hard case
  • No battery or power supply required
  • Comfortable for patients
  • Three types available:
    • Continuous Basal Infusion (CBI type): The CBI type has a micro-flow control tube that controls the flow rate
      so that the medication may achieve the required therapeutic effect.
    • Patient-Controlled Analgesia (CBI+PCA type): The CBI+PCA type has an additional bolus function, so that the patient can self-administer an extra dosage according to pain situation.
    • Multirate (MR type): The MR type has an additional flow rate regulating device providing four different flow rates to choose from.


  • Accuracy: +/- 10 % (CBI, CBI+PCA) or +/- 15 % (MR)
  • Silicone reservoir allows air to dissipate
  • Extendable telescopic core
  • Particle filter
  • DEHP-free
  • Latex-free
  • Sterilized with EO valid for 5 years

Tech. Data

  • Dimensions: between 116.29 × 48.00 mm (60 ml) and Ø 219.91 x 66.50 mm (275 ml)
  • Weight: between 57 g (60 ml) and 176 g (275 ml)
  • Length of infusion tube: 1,370 mm (depending on type)
  • Particle filter: 1.2 μm
  • Calibration parameters: 23 +/- 2 °C and water for injection


The disposable infusion pumps are designed for patients requiring intravenous, percutaneous, subcutaneous, intraoperative sites or epidural administration of medications. Medications that can be infused include analgesics, chemotherapeutics, antibiotics, antiviral drugs and infusion for re-hydration.


  • Accuracy is affected by temperature, fill volume, height and viscosity of diluent
  • Consider your local disposal guidelines

Application Range

  • Analgesia/pain treatment
  • Antibiotic treatment
  • Chemotherapy
  • Desferal therapy
  • Rehydration


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Ordering Information

TUORen - Further configurations available upon request.
REFBolusFlow rateInfusion timeSperrzeitVolumeVPE
CBI-002-100 -2 ml/h50 h / 2 d -100 ml10
CBI-003-150 -3 ml/h50 h / 2 d -150 ml5
CBI-004-100 -4 ml/h24 h / 1 d -100 ml10
CBI-005-060 -5 ml/h12 h -60 ml10
CBI-005-275 -5 ml/h55 h / 2.3 d -275 ml5
CBI-010-240 -10 ml/h24 h / 1 d -240 ml5
CBI-050-100 -50 ml/h2 h -100 ml10
CBI-100-100 -100 ml/h1 h -100 ml10
CBI-120-240 -120 ml/h2 h -240 ml5
CBI-200-100 -200 ml/h30 min -100 ml10
CBI-200-200 -200 ml/h1 h -200 ml5
CBI-240-240 -240 ml/h1 h -240 ml5
MR-1234-100 -1/2/3/4 ml/h - -100 ml10
MR-2345-100 -2/3/4/5 ml/h - -100 ml10
MR-2345-275 -2/3/4/5 ml/h - -275 ml5
MR-2468-100 -2//4/6/8 ml/h - -100 ml10
PCA-1020-1502 ml1 ml/h6.25 d max.8 min150 ml5
PCA-2005-1000.5 ml2 ml/h2 d max.15 min100 ml10