Standard Biopsy Punch

The Kai standard biopsy punch makes it possible to perform skin biopsies in various locations with great precision and minimal tissue trauma.


Outstanding quality  The stainless steel blade is ultra sharp thanks to high-precision micro-grinding technology.

Safe collection  The ribbed handle ensures a safe grip and optimal control during specimen collection. 

Easy to use  Size information on each punch makes identification easy. The ready-to-use sterile packed disposable punch makes grinding and sterilising unnecessary.


Biopsy punches are an important tool in medical diagnostics. Despite the availability of modern imaging diagnostics and serological detection, the histopathological assessment of tissue continues to set the standard and is irreplaceable: 

  • Easy handling
  • Cleanly defined length and diameter of the skin sample
  • Representative cross section of the entire cutis 
  • Sufficient depth and breadth of the cutis section


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Ordering Information

Standard Biopsy Punch
481011.0 mm -20
481151.5 mm -20
482012.0 mm -20
482512.5 mm -20
483013.0 mm -20
483513.5 mm -20
484014.0 mm -20
485015.0 mm -20
486016.0 mm -20
488018.0 mm -20