pfm Rotary 3000 Compact

The pfm Rotary 3000 Compact is a compact, newly designed manual rotary microtome suitable for all applications in routine use, research and industry.


Excellent section quality  The stable object and knife/blade holder system in combination with the horizontal and vertical cross-roller bearing system, guarantee maximum stability. This unique technology ensures reliable and consistently high sectioning quality. In combination with its ergonomic design, the pfm Rotary 3000 Compact is ideal for situations with high sample throughput.

Convenient operation  The new retraction system, which can be switched on and off, the smooth-running handwheel and the tangible zero-point object orientation enable comfortable and efficient operation.

Safe operation  During mounting of the object and knife the handwheel lock can be activated in order to prevent injury. A colour-marked finger guard offers additional safety in the area of the knife/blade edge.

Easy cleaning  The surface of the housing is fully anodized and easy to clean. The waste produced during sectioning is caught by the section waste tray and can be disposed of easily.


  • Patented monolithic housing
  • Handwheel locking system in every position
  • Quick change system for object clamps
  • Ease of object orientation due to tangible zero-point setting
  • Retraction can be switched off
  • Trimming device
  • Section counter
  • Finger guard
  • Section waste tray

Tech. Data

  • Coarse feed: manually via coarse feed wheel
  • Fine feed: manually via handwheel
  • Section thickness: 0.5 - 60 μm
  • Setting range: 0.5 - 10 μm in 0.5 μm steps / 10 - 20 μm in 1 μm steps / 20 - 60 μm in 5 μm steps
  • Trimming: two trimming steps 10 and 20 μm
  • Retraction: 30 μm, can be switched off
  • Horizontal range: 30 mm
  • Vertical range: 60 mm
  • Object orientation: x- and y-axes universal 12°, z-axis up to 360°
  • Maximum sample size: Universal cassette clamp (standard embedding cassettes) / Standard object clamp 40 x 45 mm
  • Dimensions (W/D/H): 430 x 440 x 240 mm
  • Weight: 30 kg


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50996 Köln, Germany

Ordering Information

pfm Rotary 3000 Compact
0300310(W/D/H): 430 x 440 x 240 mm30 kg1