FEATHER® handles are suitable for carbon steel and stainless steel blades.


Range  The high-quality stainless steel handles are made from a variety of different materials in order to meet a range of surgical demands.

Easy to use  Blades are easy to insert. FEATHER® handles are perfectly balanced and functional in use.


  • Balanced design
  • Excellent durability

Tech. Data

  • Available in stainless steel, diamond-like carbon film coating, and titanium
  • Standard lenghts, extra long, and round


The FEATHER® blade remover permits the safe and simple removal of used disposable blades from any kind and size of scalpel handle. It makes blade changes easy and ensures increased safety and hygiene because direct contact with the blade is avoided. Easy handling in three steps.

Safe and hygienic – no direct contact with blades provides the greatest possible protection of medical staff against infection.

Disposable product – once the cost-effective blade remover is filled with used blades, it can simply be disposed of.

Instructions for use

  1. Make sure that the correct side of the blade is pointing upwards; then insert the blade into the slot of the blade remover until it hits the stop.
  2. Gently press the button on the top of the blade remover.
  3. Remove the handle. The removed blade drops safely into the enclosed blade remover.


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Osaka 531-0075, Japan

Ordering Information

202000003Standard10 - 153Special steel769521210
202000004Standard20 - 254Special steel769522910
202000007Standard10 - 157Special steel769523510
202010003Long10 - 153LSpecial steel146213910
202010004Long20 - 254LSpecial steel146214510
208800077Standard10 - 153DLCDiamond-like carbon film coati -10
208800078Standard20 - 254DLCDiamond-like carbon film coati -10
208800079Standard10 - 157DLCDiamond-like carbon film coati -10
208800080Rounded10 - 153TTitanium -1